About Us

Our Cycle Club Values:

  1. Safety above all else

Safety is our number one priority. We encourage and facilitate the safety and well being of our members through all club activities and events.

  1. The Four “Fs” – Fun, Family, Fulfilment and Fitness

The four “Fs” in our club stand for a sense of

  • Fun: Where we remember that while this is a sport we all are passionate about we ultimately do it to enjoy ourselves and have fun.
  • Family: We actively encourage a culture of inclusivity where everyone is welcomed and feels valued for being involved and participating regardless of how fast or slow they are.
  • Fulfilment: We openly assist and encourage our members to fulfil their goals.  We are a club where we are proud of and celebrate the success of all club members in achieving their goals, whoever and whatever they may be.
  • Fitness: We encourage the adoption of a healthy approach towards developing fitness as appropriate for the individual concerned.
  1. Lasting Relationships

Our over-arching focus is on achieving positive long-lasting relationships amongst the members of our club, with other clubs, other road users, our State and National cycling bodies and anyone else who comes into contact with our club through our activities.  In particular, we strive for relationships that cast the club and the general cycling population in a positive light through our behaviour.

Fun, Family, Fulfilment and Fitness